Online Escape Rooms

Much like going on virtual Disneyland ride tours You can still experience the rush of solving puzzles from your living room.

What are Online Escape Rooms?

Mystifying adventure at your cozy home!

Sound’s intriguing, Right?

Your entire clan from any corner of the world tackling puzzles, hunching for hints, with clock ticking against you, at a snuggest comfort zone.


Well, Grab the golden opportunity to escape a thrill at your abode . All you need is an electronic device like a laptop and an online platform like ‘Zoom’ to connect with the game master. He will usher you to the rad of enigma and meanwhile, you must use your wit and teaming skills to solve the mystery virtually.

Folks, Escape the Room racing against time with warm and homely feeling!

What do I need to participate in one?

Dos & Donts in an Online Escape Room?

Online Escape Game Offerings

Time to anticipate future! Turns out to be 2030! Uh-ho ! The dynamic world of humanoids ! Would you like to command these humanoids to accomplish your mission? Sounds easy-peasy! No-way! You are caught between a rock and a hard place. Saving the hostages with Country Premiers daughter amongst them, from the abductors in exchange of the notorious terrorist is rocky. Join the dots wittily using a deadly message to estimate the location with humanoids working under you. Make no noise or it is a resort of the doomed! How will you save the girl from the clutches of the abductors?
Sherlock Calls
Are you ready to find the crux of a cold-blooded murder? Are you ready to use your sleuth to maneuver the root cause a brutal murder with your expertise as a detective? Well, help the corps with your prowess to find a definitive proof. You need to read between the lines to get the hunch over the unfathomable interlinked facts. You need to find concrete evidence within the timeframe! Will you be able to string it all together forming substantial answers to the heinous crime? Let’s see, how will you solve the eeriness of the murder.

Why Choose an Online Escape Room

Has this unprecedented lockdown triggered boredom? Are you sick of your banal cooped up lifestyle? Statistically proven, the novel coronavirus has elevated psychological aftermaths like stress, depression, anxiety, loneliness, fear and induced concern. Well, bygones are bygones! Start anew! Its never too late! Online escape Rooms will help you recreate the memories , socialize, feed your inquisitiveness and help you connect with the world. So, come out of your shell with some brain-stimulating enthralls and activate your mind. The multifarious virtual realm through sounds and sensors will invoke positive aura around you. Bang on! It’s the time to revive and relinquish your gloomy lifestyle.
Are you missing catching up with your friends ? The weekend fun? The revitalizing gatherings? Has this unanticipated lockdown barred your conviviality? However, health is wealth! And, it is better safe than sorry! Don’t worry! The virtual connectivity will suffice. Online Escape games will keep the ball rolling ensuring two paradoxical activities simultaneously- ‘social distancing’ plus ‘socializing’. Connect with your near and dear ones by engaging into a mind-boggling puzzling enigma. The breath-taking storyline will engross you into quest of mystery. Ta-da! This quarantine is a breeze. Hurry up! Quarantine norms + reviving memories are now at your fingertips.
Want to spice up your dull quarantine with some learning? Ever thought of learning professional skills in your pajamas at a cozy environment? An amalgamation of adventure and learning etiquettes for lifetime is now at your disposal. The fictitious scenario will give you blueprint of some irrefutable skills worth learning for lifetime. Folks , get ready to gain a pragmatic approach towards life. Boosting confidence, teaming up, communication skills, cognitive empathy, project-management, attentiveness, strategizing is easy as pie because there is systematic application of the same while Escaping the room using your wit. Cheers to learning and fostering your soft skills this quarantine!

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Influencer feedback

Syed Al Ameen J

“What a game”

  • 80,000+ Followers

Syed Al Ameen J

“What a game”

  • 80,000+ Followers

Syed Al Ameen J

“What a game”

  • 80,000+ Followers

Who can participate in these challenges?


All the teens, tweens, kids and oldsters now have a common interest now. Age and generation is no more a barrier.


All the teens, tweens, kids and oldsters now have a common interest now. Age and generation is no more a barrier.


All the teens, tweens, kids and oldsters now have a common interest now. Age and generation is no more a barrier.

Our Blogs

Why are online escape rooms amazing?
Why are online escape rooms amazing?

Why are online escape rooms amazing?

Can you solve this Mystery?

A Twisted Tale

James was relaxing in his hotel room in Lyon when he heard a knock at his door. James opened the door and see a beautiful woman whom he had never seen in his life. She said that she is so sorry and she thought that this was her room. She was about to leave the room when the James takes out his pistol and ask the girl to stop. What made James suspicious of the girl?

Escape Rooms & Beyond!

Spice up your loved one’s birthday party in a quirky way. Add up vigor a tincture of creativity. Create some memories worth reminiscing this birthday! Distance is no more a barrier! Plan a wacky birthday surprise remotely in this virtual kingdom. A cost-effective, enigmatic, appalling, and gratifying birthday party is waiting for you! Plan an enigmatic activity through an online escape game. An enthralling thematic storyline with adventurous experience will prove to be a roller coaster ride with a series of bumpy paths ahead. The pursuit of these barriers give endless satisfaction and incomparable memories.
Trying to increase the morale and productivity of the employees . Let us amalgamate team-building and coordination with thrill, adventure and intriguing puzzles. You will be stunned because this informal team building activity will foster formal business etiquettes and skills. Escaping the Room together will kindle enthusiasm facilitating better communication with the colleagues. The integration of acquaintance through an innovative and challenging mystery will ensure teamwork realizing their potential. It is the time to form a cohesive team and crack the clues deciphering hints! Get ready to think out of the box cutting off the corporate monotony filled with burden!
Want to give your wit, creativity and problem-solving skill a shape? Incite your adrenaline with some startling quizzes and puzzles. It’s the time check your observation skills. A thematic approach to find objects and clues in a loop with meticulous observation is the pre-requisite or else you will be doomed. Get ready to glance all the objects and keep it in the back of your mind! Endurance, indulgence and patience is the key. If you stir the anger, then it might be a recipe of disaster! So be calm and compassionate and the online scavenger hunt will stimulate your brain with a series of breathtaking puzzles exhilarating you with hurricane of fun and mystery. Engage into searching for the way-outs by joining the dots!

Have a question, check here!

Virtual online escape rooms are handy to explore and use. All you gotta do is visit the official website. Click of the option ‘Book now’. Select the genre and the theme, you want to play. Each theme is generally provided with an exhaustive storyline to give you a lucidity. You will be given to choose an elective date and time according to your preference and availability. After booking the slot, you ought to pay the required amount. Finally, you will be given a link to join the game-master on the pre-selected slot. Each website is assisted by an email-id or contact no. incase you have a query or hitch. You are all set for the roller coaster ride of adventure with jolts and jerks.
Solve a murder mystery , diffuse a bomb, become a RAW agent, save the city from alien attacks, go on a jungle safari, deport the hostages, plan a heist, unstuck yourself from a magician’s apprentice or hunt a quest with eccentric jumbling hints is at your doorstep! This is possible with minimal pre-requisites. Stunned? All you require is an electronic device, good internet connection, an app or an online platform like ‘Zoom’. You and your clan will have to connect virtually with the game master via a link at the specified time. The game master will escort you to a bumpy ride with ups and downs. Are you ready to speculate the conundrums with nominal preconditions which can be easily availed?
Yes, some online escape games are specially designed for android mobile phones. The house of Da Vinci, The room series, All that Remains are some enthralling aneroid games! However, certain games require a laptop or a desktop for experiencing the adventure. The official website of the game generally specify such necessary information.
In bird eye’s view, online escape game rooms conceptualize the notion of connecting with your friends or co-workers, remotely, across the globe. Yes, some online escape room games permit people from different countries to play together. While some on the other hand, permit team members to play if they are present in the given circumscribing range. If it is the case, the range is generally specified in the official website.
There is no age bar to play an escape room game. Some escape room games are designed for adults permitting you to enter only if you qualify the minimum age limit. However, some escape game rooms are specially designed keeping in mind the likings of small children Strike when the iron is hot! And bring a twist in your kids’ life with some brain teasers. Help your kids excel academically playing a game. It is the time to flex your child’s brain muscles with excellent mind-boggling riddles, clues and puzzles. The brain-stimulating intriguing storyline will ensure that your kid vivifies scholastically. Math, problem-solving, reading comprehension, coding, etc. will now be in his fingertips.

Certainly, they will give you a golden opportunity to become a daredevil venturing into different arcane. A dozen of exigent codes, lateral thinking clues, brainstorming  exercises, clasping the struggles and rushing against the time at a cushy environment with your clan. it is a breath-taking experience to fit-in the piles of pegs into the grid using your wit.

You will relish living the electrifying story line, igniting your gloomy lifestyle. The themes and the background sound effects will help enhance your boredom creating an enthralling aura around you. 

Generally, the number of team players vary from 2 to 10. However, we recommend you ensure that the group size is appropriate so that unnecessary chaos is prevented. opt for ‘quality or quantity’. An ideal size lies somewhere in the between so that unwanted commotion is averted.

A group of an ideal size is capable of arousing vigor and enthusiasm doubling up your chances of winning. Form a group by merging individuals of different skill sets. Too many cooks spoil the broth. And too less of members will yield difficulty is solving the puzzle’s effectively.