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At a time when the whole world has stopped in its tracks and people are stranded with their family, friends, or rather alone to be safe from a notorious virus, there has been an ever-growing sense of apathy amongst us.

We are now able to understand why parents urged their children to play outside and experience the real world. We only learn to value when we lose.

Most of us have exhausted our watch lists, reading lists and there are only so many Youtube recipes one can follow without feeling redundant.

So here are some fun options that may have not crossed your mind.


Did you have any plans of visiting a fancy museum, where there is art/history?

Either way, this pandemic has us wound up back in our homes. Now that’s not a serious concern anymore!
The international council of museums has announced that they will be holding virtual museum tours for enthusiastic learners.

Some of the museums that are holding virtual museum tours are

  • I. The Getty Museum – Los Angeles
  • II.

And many more…
So, sit back and start enjoying some cultural and artistic digest.

Have you started to feel languor and have used up all the board games that are in this whole world and now you don’t have anything new?

Then we have got a perfect option for you to escape it!
Virtual escape rooms are basically the same as the real escape room, they can either be done by a group, individual or pair.

Your team joins the zooms set up and a staff member will guide you through the puzzle and after the guide, you will start discussing and solving the clues and try escaping the virtual escape rooms.

What’s the twist? You only get 90 minutes (time can vary depending on the game.

Some of the best virtual escape rooms are: –

  • 1)
  • 2) .
  • 3)

And etc…
So, take your notepad and start solving.


Even the most renowned universities have shown their concern in reference to these troubling times.
Ivy leagues are offering a huge range of courses to choose from and learn in while you are quarantined in the compound of your “beloved” house that I am sure is not beloved anymore!

The courses range from art history to learn coding; all at your dispense You are probably thinking that they must be charging money from hell?! how about no!

These courses are free to learn. Get your brain muscles flexing!

It’s a great way of learning in a very fun way!

make sure to check these websites out



It’s been days or perhaps months when last you went clubbing and now the only thing you are dancing at are the kids rhymes or the oldies ramming.

So, we bring some world class virtual parties and raves that are hosted by world class DJ’s having world class guests like Charli XCX, Rebecca Black, and Mitch Grassi of Pentatonix.

Do you want to join these raves? start browsing through

to get all the latest updates.


Has it been days since you last saw your favourite singer and you were not able to catch their latest songs?

But I think you might have been missing them on these quarantine days without knowing that they are more active nowadays than you might think.

Celebrities and singers are holding online live concerts, to get close to their fans stars like Lizzo, Beyoncé, and Jennifer Lopez are organizing concerts thanks to TIDAL and if you are a fan of K-pop try using v-live to catch all the live sessions of some most famous K-pop artistes like BTS’s bang-bang con. Now go and grab your artist’s merch and that light-stick and enjoy your life.


Tired of working from home or doing house-hold chores and want to give yourself a break? So, grab your headphones and start listening to podcasts to help heal your tired souls. Podcasts help distract your mind all the negative vibes that you may have picked up along the day. It releases stress and makes you comfortable in your own environment. Some of the podcasts channels that you should give a try are: –



Arcade games are slowly vanishing with the advent of video games and other outdoor games. As people usually are not going to malls just to play these games but arcade games were fun when they were there and now, we are getting nostalgic. However, don’t worry we might have a solution for that.

has hundreds and thousands of online arcade games that you can play when you get bored again and the best part you get that old ‘insert your coin’ feel too.

These above ideas are well versed for making the most of your time in this quarantine when you may be feeling left out and bored. When you almost have finished all the Netflix and amazon prime movies and shows. When you are just not in the mood to do #workfromhome, so we just contributed a little to make your #stayathome a fun experience.

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