Common Advantages of Both Traditional and Online Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have been becoming really popular globally over the years, and for good reason. They offer a great experience for groups of people who want to test their adventurous bones and have a memorable time together.

The fun factor provided, the nail-biting tension, the mind-bending clues and story lines – all these are the major selling points of these escape rooms. In order to understand more about them before seeing their advantages, let’s first have a look at what escape rooms are.

An escape room is a depiction of a critical and exciting scenario which may or may not blend with real-life situations. The players, either individual or in most cases, groups, are locked (not literally) inside a theme-based room loaded with puzzles and mysteries.

Their task is to solve the puzzles and break out of the room in 60 minutes. The storyline and the theme of the room can be realistic or imaginative depending upon the genre adopted for designing it.

Escape room games are usually one-hour puzzle games. All one needs to do is get a team for oneself and dive in.

Escape rooms are of two types, namely, physical and online. Features of both the types of the escape games are somewhat contrary to each other.

Here, we’d like to look at some common advantages of physical and virtual escape games. They are as follows:

1. Promotes Team Building

We live in a society where social interaction plays a great role. There is no doubt that escape rooms are best for team building. The feeling of being in a team, coupled with effective communication skills, add on to the quality of a group.

Escape rooms help achieve and enhance the social abilities of the players involved. You end up more confident about your feelings, and your ability to express them in a social environment without inhibitions.

2. Develops a Heuristic Approach

Having a flexible outlook is an asset both for the game and for real-life problem-solving activities. It broadens the horizon of your thought processes.

Escape rooms help develop a queer perspective of seeing things. This is useful in solving puzzles both within and outside the room. You’ll find yourself using this heuristic approach more often in your daily life as well.

Did I just give you another reason to go for escape games?

3. Enhances Critical and Analytical Thinking

Escape rooms demand to be played with all your attention. They sure are attention seekers!

These games require the presence of mind for effectively playing it. The puzzles and tasks in the room promote critical thinking. The rooms are designed in a manner that pushes your analytical thinking to the extreme.

4. Improves your IQ

Thinking for the brain is the same as exercise for the body. What’s better than a healthy mind?

Players in the game are made to solve puzzles and decipher clues, eventually boosting their IQs. Higher IQs in turn help picking up ideas faster, executing well-formed decisions, and in overall enhancement of the players’ minds.

5. Releases Underlying Emotions

Escape rooms are always theme based. Each theme makes you think and portray yourself in different characters.

Some characters bring out the hero and some help release the toxic characters in oneself. Eventually they help in releasing all the emotional baggage one lingers with.

6. Boosts Confidence and Happiness

Escape rooms strive to boost our confidence through the game. Every puzzle solved adds to our confidence and helps us with what one seeks for, – VALIDATION!

Successfully completing the game will undoubtedly leave you feeling very happy at the end, and you will surely be coming back for more.

7. Improves Communication Skills

Escape rooms are multiplayer games. Neither the game nor the players could proceed without communication. These games help improve one’s ability to communicate efficiently.

Also, since you don’t always play with the people you know, escape games help you to better navigate yourself amidst an unfamiliar group while still being able to convey your points across seamlessly.

8. Creates Memories!

C’mon, we all know what matters in the end. You always remember those funny and silly incidents that happened with your teammates, instead of how you scored. Always.

That’s because this experience is all about making those irreplaceable memories with your friends as you battle against all odds to claim the rewards. And that’s what the real rewards here are – memories which you can always look back on to bring a smile to your face and give you some happiness.

So there you have it, escape rooms – both offline and online – provide a ton of advantages while also ensuring you and your team have immense fun. And while offline stores are now temporarily closed, remember that your online escape room adventure is only a click away! Form a team, go online, and battle it out on the world wide web! See you there!

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