Fun activities to do during the lockdown

“The best time to explore fun activities lies in the days of lockdown,
Just enjoy with your family and friends,
Be it your bedroom, your living room, or your lawn.
Stay happy and cheerful through dusk dawn.”

On the 24th of March 2019, Countries around the world made the momentous decision to fight the battle with Covid-19. The execution of this decision was formalized by shutting down everything across countries and requesting people to stay at home for their own safety. The roads which earlier had been busy with the hustle-bustle were now eerily silent. It seems as if everything had come to a halt. That is the moment when people realize they need creative and novel activities to pass their time at home.

  • One of the most engrossing task families start to indulge themselves in is cooking. From trying out recipes from youtube to wiping out their unique ones, and trying to be hands-on with everyday meals, brought members into close proximity to each other not only physically but also emotionally. Dividing the responsibilities, followed by eating together helped in the upliftment of the general spirit.
  • Gardening too comes out to be an interesting hobby in many households. Plants are grown from the edible items available at home. Tomato, Mint, Fenugreek is easy to raise into herbs that not only provide ingredients for food, it also adds to the overall aesthetic of the house emerging into a beautiful scenery.
  • Another fun activity which brings amusement to the hearts of people is playing board games. Ludo, Monopoly, Chess, Tambola, Snake, and ladder, Carrom board become widely popular among the family members leading to ultimate laughter with joy.
  • This lockdown has brought out a young child that resides in everyone.
    As parents encourage this child inside by planning treasure hunts for their kids to make them happy & content. Hiding the clues at home itself and giving a reward to children on reaching their goal gives a structure of proper game involving solving a mystery. Children believe that they are inevitable as they take their challenges head-on. It also develops increased self-esteem along with leadership skills among young minds. The parents play an essential role in grooming these qualities of their offspring.
  • Reading novels, storybooks of distinguished genres like horror, mystery, romance, funny, philosophy, history, psychology, action-adventure, science fiction help to gain a better understanding of that particular field where a person enters an imaginative space enjoying the fullest. Even if the end is tragic, it keeps the reader a bit low for some hours or even some days but if the end satisfies the soul, then it creates a zeal which keeps minds cheerful. If there is an end marked by a question to which, the answer is to be found by the reader, then it leaves the brain dwindling effect around it. That’s how fictional or non-fictional writing acts as a joyous ride during the lockdown.
  • One can also attain a movie-going experience by watching a movie on the TV and switching off all the lights, and having a bowl of popcorn in hands along with all the family members give the perfect feel. Movie shows at home can be very effective in relieving stress.
  • Another distinguished way to keep yourself entertained is by engaging in seasonal activities. Wide range of cultures continue to celebrate special calendar days with themed activities. For example, Easter is coming soon – why not decorate hard-boiled eggs with dye, paint, or using other coloring techniques? You can combine this with other related activities such as quizzes, trivia, and even creating posters using pictures cut out from old magazines and posters.
  • Training pets has also built enthusiasm during the lockdown. Owners of dogs, parrots, cats, rabbits, and other beloved may find this break to be useful for conditioning responses to a stimulus among them. Obviously, who wouldn’t like to spend the time with the pet? Everyone loves to be with their cutest possession.

Segway-ing in the direction of the Virtual world-

  • Phone calls or video chats allow family and friends to talk, see each others’ faces from a distance. It lifts their spirits and provides a welcome break. Skype, Google Duo, Google Hangout, or FaceTime have been successful in making such relations stronger.
  • Missing having a karaoke night with buddies?
    If yes, then you can also pursue this desire at your very home. Apps like AirConsole let you turn your smartphone into a mic, and sing your favorite hits with the usual gang. Brush your skills and practice new songs to sing at the public places once the lockdown is lifted.

There is a huge possibility that you might be strongly missing your friends and craving for good olden times. Don’t worry. The next virtual fun activity allows you to be with them.

  • Virtual Houseparty- Recently apps that allow for large group video chats have become popular. You can get together for a drink, a chat, or just to see some friendly faces for a couple of hours. So have the best in front of the screen moment with them.
  • Beyond everything, there lies the most wonderful of all. Family and friends can also experience virtual escape games. Just arrange for an internet connection along with a laptop and get on for the ride of your life.

Let’s talk about how they typically work, so you know what to expect. These virtual Escape rooms are similar to what you’d experience IRL. They bring you through a set of puzzles that you have to solve in order to advance and a storyline that’s supposed to be cracked within a certain period of time. Some of them are free and can be accessed at any time, while others require you to pay to participate and ask that a minimum of three or so players are involved. Additionally, some come with a magical theme or a subscription box that’ll upgrade your gameplay. Some of the exciting ones are: Hostage, The Hogwarts Digital Escape Room, , Sherlock Calls, Escape The Crate’s “Midnight Express”, Expedition Escape’s “Bank Heist”, etc.

So, just don’t limit yourself in this pandemic time. Go on to discover the world virtually, with your family. An explorer never rests!

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