How Escape Rooms Help To Improve Your Health During Lock-Down

Did you improve your cooking skills? Did you try yoga? Or have you started working out? Wait! Did you paint that isolated canvas hidden in your cupboards? Did you pour your heart on paper? Are you binge-watching movies or shows? How many books have you completed already? Have you completely immersed yourself in work?

All these hobbies are pretty interesting but nothing can replace the efficacy of humans’ connection to one another. We, humans, are social animals. And since the commencement of the lock-down, our conditioning has become very similar to that of an animal in the zoo. Home is the only safe space to be. Moreover, it is hardest for the people who are stuck inside the four walls away from their families. Our social interactions have been limited to the digital screen of 5 and 17 inches of mobiles and laptops, respectively.

Human beings in their entirety are desperately latching on to video calls, phone calls, and texts as various modes to stay connected to each other. But one thing still remains missing, the ability and freedom to be able to be together. The ability to do activities together. What if I tell you, that there is still a way? A way that will transport you to a world where you feel connected as a group, with your family or friends despite the geographical constraint? Have you heard about escape rooms?

According to research published in NCBI, COVID-19 has not only made a significant threat to the lives and physical well-being of people around the world but also to their mental health. Data provided by KFF Health Tracking Poll further facilitates the negative correlation between COVID-19 outbreak/lockdown and mental issues.

The precariousness of the current situation is making everyone anxious, whether you are staying with your family or not. But why wait and not pick up from where you left? You must have tried all the boards and war games online. But what now?

Thank god! We are in 2020, where digital technology is making remarkable headway. Virtual and online games help you not only improve at an individual level but also helps you bond with your family and friends. It will surely help you transcend the distance that social distancing has created among your loved ones.

One such game is an escape room game. It ensures happiness and satisfaction of accomplishing the task of finding clues and solving puzzles in a limited timeline. Due to lock-down, it is not possible to physically visit escape rooms. But what if it comes to you?

Staying connected to your family and friends over escape games during this lockdown

  • At this crucial time when every individual is feeling isolated and sad news is pooling around us. Social connection has become more pertinent than ever before. Just checking on people is not enough. You need to indulge together in activities to fill in the gap of actual social activity. Escape room games can be one method to do so at your home.
  • We live in memories. Practicing such games will create memories with your loved ones. You will have stories to recall with each other later on the conference or video calls. When life returns to normal, you will address it as the fun you had during lock-down.
  • When we work as a team on the same thing that requires a lot of brainstorming and sharing of ideas. One essentially feels supported. Honestly, that is something we need the most at this hour.
  • It will also help you build trust, resilience, reliance, and companionship among each other.
  • Connection is the path to happiness. We all want to feel connected & significant and if there are different ways we can do so then why stop exploring?

Health benefits of digital escape room games-

  • It enhances memory capacity and ability.
  • It increases the focus.
  • In times of restricted social interactions, this is the best way to hone social ability and communication.
  • Gives a break from your daily mundane routine.
  • It gives a sense of satisfaction and happiness.
  • Now presenting you the different forms of virtual escape room games that you can try with your family and friends.

1. Portable escape rooms

Portable escape games come in the form of a box or a suitcase. Or it consists of a setup which can turn any room of your house into a mystery room/escape room. It contains one big mystery, has various puzzles and clues leading to the final mystery solution.

2. Puzzle-solving as a team

The option, puzzle-solving as a team is great to play with your family. It brings people closer and enhances their critical thinking. Puzzles can be of different themes and develop trust among the players. 2-4 players can play the puzzle game. The difficulty level varies according to the age group. It comes at pocket-friendly prices.

3. Online escape rooms

Online escape rooms take you to a mysterious world on your computer screen. You can play solo or with multiple players. It brings various themes and genres such as escape the sphinx, escape from wonderland, escape from Hogwarts, etc., just like the real escape rooms. Various themed online portals host kids.

4. Escape room app

As we all know the app version of the website is even better and comes handy. There are various mysteries that you can unfurl alone or with your friends. It is available on Android and iOS versions both. Kids as well as adults both can play these games.

Some free apps are 50 Rooms 3, can you escape the 100 room V, cube escape: paradox, the room: old sins, hellraid: the escape, pirate treasure: fairy tales for kids, riddles for kids: escape room, etc.

These games bring you a different set of reality to your home. These games keep you connected with your loved ones which consequently brings happiness, and a happy you is ultimately a healthy you.

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