How Virtual Escape Rooms are Useful in Schools

The way things are progressing, or a more apt term would be to say deteriorating, is leaving students in a very frustrated state, to say the least.

Although there are a variety of things to do online with friends, by no means do they replace the social interactions that most students spend a significant amount of their day on. With us humans being social animals and with public interactions cut off, students feel really stuck with nothing to do apart from maintaining social norms and sticking to their homes.

This has a drastic effect on their performance as the slowly building stress and frustration are really counterintuitive to the growth of their minds. Bringing back life into such tired and worn out minds require careful inspection of available tools and the selection of the best one among them. That’s where escape rooms come right in.

Escape Rooms allow people to experience some challenge, thrill, adventure, and Entertainment along with testing their team-work, skill, and logical thinking. They’re a great group learning experience while offering a fun time in the process.

Virtual Escape Rooms allow people to get the experience of an escape room – without going to a physical location, and in the comfort of their homes. Therefore, an escape room game experience can be created anywhere you’d want to.

As more children are disheartened to learn and are stuck at home with very little activity, we took up the task of searching the internet for a reliable and efficient way to make education interesting again under the current scenario.

Imagine you being able to control the nature of what’s happening on the screen and manipulating things to your advantage. It’s exactly like watching a movie, but instead of just being an audience, you in fact have control over everything.

The gamemaster, a real player within the room, would be your eyes and ears as you make him navigate the surroundings and perform actions. Sounds amazing right? It sure is!

Groups or pairs of students can be formed to play the game. The games are set in a mystery room online where players can control on-screen characters to navigate through the world, and solve the puzzles and challenges their characters to come across.

Let’s have a look at the influence of escape rooms when it comes to the education landscape, and how they benefit the minds of the children by providing unique learning curves.

Now that we’ve seen how escape room experiences can be an at-home entertainment and similarly can be brought about within the comfort of classrooms, let’s now try taking it a step further by having a look at their scope.

Virtual Escape Room Gaming as an Effective Tool for Learning

Every school kid asks this question while he/she is in school, “What’s the use of learning all this?”. A good way to avoid this hiccup while learning is to actually have the kids use their new knowledge to solve something and escape rooms provide just that – an opportunity for kids to feel the power of their acquired knowledge.

The various challenges the students would encounter during their online escape games would bring about the development of analytical and thinking skills, while also not compromising on the fun factor provided. Apart from social communication skills, this helps in the application of your knowledge and sharpens your problem-solving capabilities.

An escape room certainly creates more engagement among students than in the typical classroom teaching style. For the students, escape room games would definitely look more “attractive” if they find the traditional way of teaching “boring”.

Students would pay as much attention, if not more in an escape room as they typically do while playing any video game. Also, the time limit in an escape room game would create a sense of urgency among the students, which would create greater engagement with the content among them.

The graph below depicts any typical online engagement contrasted with escape room engagement. As can be seen from the graph, offering something new like an escape room engagement surely does peak the excitement of the children and keeps them engaged.

Secondly, kids love stories. How amazing would it be for them to experience storytelling from the first-person perspective! Escape room games can be fun without compromising on the learning which needs to be imparted.

And more importantly, students would be eager to improve their performance in their subjects so that even if they don’t win the game one time, they can win it the next time!

Escape Room Games to Impart Soft skills

● Communication and Collaboration Skills: The escape rooms would require the students to collaborate and work together. They would understand how much they can learn from each other when they communicate and work together. They would also improve these skills as they learn how best to get their points across and also implement what was told to them.

● Creativity: Solving an escape room puzzle would require the students to think in different ways than they usually do. This will build creativity and innovation among them. Engaging in such activities will over time train the students’ minds to think from a different perspective which will prove useful at later stages of their lives.

● Persistence: Persistence is a very important skill for success in any field. Students would develop persistence as they make multiple attempts in different ways to solve a puzzle.

● Problem-Solving: From codes and cyphers to finding and manipulating objects, escape room games offer the opportunity of solving a variety of problems and developing different approaches to a problem.

This is not all. The skills discussed above are not only essential to the classroom, but have an impact on the individuals’ personality and can even transform them for the better.

There you have it, a look at the current scenario with respect to escape rooms in the education field and the ways that they complement the system by providing more learning opportunities.

In a landscape that seems never-ending and with nothing to do, escape games glitter as meaningful ways to spend time while adding benefits to your lives.

And although schools are now embracing and adapting online escape rooms for educational purposes, they have a long way to go to reach their potential in the school setting. An increase in these trends does give us hope for such an eventuality that will be for the good of everyone, so let’s hope for a brighter future to conquer these difficult times.

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