Online Escape Rooms and and Their 6 Health Benefits

The current situation around the world and people looking for new ways to spend all their free time has really opened up the online space in terms of innovation. Creators are coming up with new ways to entertain the people and the result of one such attempt is the online escape room.

Online escape rooms have grown exponentially in Europe and in the USA in recent times due to the lockdown period, as people strive to bring a change into their monotonous lives.

Being at home has made our lives more mechanical than ever before. We all have our set of routines we need to cope up with, and with no way to vent out the stress that’s been slowly building up, we find ourselves looking for
fresh ways to deal with it all. And that’s where escape rooms fit right in.

A great concept, escape rooms became a trendsetter during the last decade. Here, you along with your group of friends are sealed in a room of a particular theme or a setting of your choice, and you have approximately 60 minutes to find your way to the exit by solving various puzzles and challenges along the way.

For both the experienced escape room players as well as the uninitiated, virtual or online escape rooms offer a unique experience. They are not quite that different from real or offline escape rooms. In fact, they offer a similar, if not more fun and values due the technological aspect involved. The tasks remain moderately the same which include gathering clues, decoding codes, understanding signals, and puzzle solving puzzles.

While most people consider online escape rooms to be just recreational and stress relieving activities, some consider it as a mark of excessive laziness. However, there are certain health benefits that are usually looked over that these online escape games offer.

We’d like to share with you these benefits in hopes of bringing to your notice the positive impact playing these games can have to your life, apart from just being really good ways to “escape” the shackles of the new norm.

1. Let your Emotions Out

Most of us have a hard time keeping our emotions in check, not to forget the weird and disturbing headspace that we are living in; online escape rooms can be considered as a much needed distraction from all these problems.

Apart from just binge-watching and listening to music, this is a great way to reconnect with your near and dear ones. If you are keen on meeting new people, virtual escapes rooms are the best and are super interactive as well.

2. Team Skills
Virtual escape rooms also help in building a strong bond with your team and they boost your morale without even having to step out of your comfort zone. As you meet and work with new people and learn to work with them under various conditions, you’ll find that your team skills such as communication, decision making and conflict resolution are greatly improved.

3. Improves Mental Health

Online escape rooms helps one’s mental health to a great degree. Immersing yourself in the game for an hour or so will feel like a breath of fresh air. You will feel the energy gushing down your spine, and will feel more alive than ever. This inturn will help brighten up your mood and spirits, and you will go about the rest of your day with a revived mindset. Thus, these games helps them channel the negativity in the most productive manner known. It is often termed therapeutic.

4. Increases Levels of Happiness and Satisfaction
Being a part of a team and leading them to glory will give you a new high and lift your mood. Imagine solving a problem together and helping each other in the process – figuring out clues, decoding puzzles, and pondering over what calculated move to make next. This will bring about a sense of satisfaction that is really unlike anything. Such an activity will surely be the most looked forward to in your day.

5. Aids Mental Alertness
They helps the players with mental alertness and builds their ability to solve multiple problems together or separately. Playing online escape rooms increases their attention span. Unlike the common misconception where playing online games are a sign of laziness, these skills are required in other kinesthetic fields.

6. Boosts Imagination

We cannot simply bar out the fact that virtual escape rooms boosts the players’ imagination and creativity. The players see into things and read between the lines. This is a proven fact by Michigan State University(

7. Creates Connections
The whole COVID situation is not all bad – it brings with it a lot of unearthed opportunities. With the host of online resources available, this is a great time to form new connections, communicate and interact with a variety of people – the technological advancements have brought about innovative ways of finding new connections and interacting with them.

Online escape rooms helps the players build a connections with various people. With online escape rooms, you can either choose to play with your known friends or family or you can choose to play with complete strangers.

This helps in socializing with people all over the world without even having to step out of your comfort zone. A lot of people have crippling social anxiety issues and they find it difficult to communicate. This issue almost gets wiped out in the case of online games and this interaction helps the players to progress socially.

8. Strengthens Decision Making Skills
They helps the players with their decision-making skills. In a tense situation, does the pressure push the player to better or do you crumble under it? Online escape rooms help with developing high sensitivity to one’s surroundings which in turn increases the speed of the player. They enable the players to multi-task and concentrate.

To conclude, we’d like to say this: while online Escape rooms help you develop certain skills and benefit your health in multiple ways, they also helps you in having a great time with your old and new friends! These are increasingly becoming a great choice for people and are providing the much needed break from day to day life.

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