Online Escape Rooms do better when compared to traditional escape rooms

In this era of modern digitization, everything is turning into a virtual world. The enthralling escape rooms are also under the same sway and because of the current situation globally, virtual escape rooms are gaining popularity as people look for alternatives to fun activities.

With virtual rooms having gained quite a lot of fame, traditional ones still maintain their charm. Each is good in their own unique ways.

Like how one size doesn’t always fit all, escape rooms are also dependen on the type of players and their ability to comprehend.

Let’s talk about their pros and have a glance on the major areas where virtual escape rooms outperform their counterparts.

1. Wide-spread Genre and Educational Enhancement: With the growing trend of virtual escape rooms, you can gauge that the thematic development of escape rooms have broadened and certain different new themes are being included in the escape rooms.

These themes probably are difficult to be introduced and built in the real world escape rooms but with the help of modern techniques, they can be introduced in the virtual world.

Not only for entertainment purposes, virtual escape rooms can be effectively used as a teaching tool with a “not-so-boring” teaching structure.

This collaboration of escape rooms with teaching is practically not possible with the traditional escape rooms.

A research article referred to a few excellent examples in this regard:

  • Few primary schools developed a virtual escape game for 6th graders. The theme being “learnings of algorithms”. In this play, they needed to virtually solve puzzles to break the code.
    Students were required to virtually travel through the world to find, solve and decode the puzzles. All the puzzles included certain algorithms to evaluate student’s thinking skills, understanding, and evaluation.
    Since these puzzles incorporated course material, students had to master this material to succeed. It enriched their learning experience resulting in increased interest and complete engagement in learning activities.
  • Another example is of The Ohio State University. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, faculty members of the College of Nursing used some popular brainstorming puzzles to help their undergraduate students get a virtual problem-solving experience through creative and innovative ways to check students’ knowledge at the end of the semester.
    The overall idea in the escape room simulation was that students explored the role of a nurse scientist while they were quarantined. All on the clock to solve clinical problems before proceeding to the next puzzle.
    The main idea was to put some fun-spin to their work and tweak their medical quotient.Thus, we can clearly see that such kinds of practical world themes are difficult to incorporate in traditional escape rooms, building practical problem-solving skills.

2. Enhancing Focus and Observation: In this generation where there is lack of concentrated minds, virtual escape rooms can build one!

Although virtual escape rooms don’t involve leadership skills in the like a typical escape room, yet this strategy can still be adopted to empower problem-solving skills through undivided attention and uni-directional focus.

Keeping a track of minute knick-knacks to major intricacies on a Zoom video call requires a lot of attention.

This kind of attention-building is not possible in traditional escape rooms where you have clues, puzzles etc in front of you and not on the screen.

Moreover, virtual escape rooms demand a synchronization of concentrated mind and focused eyes.

3. Enhancing Communication and listening skills: In virtual escape rooms, communication skill is one major factor that can determine your probability to win, more so than unlikein traditional escape rooms.

Coordinating on a Zoom video conference to solve puzzles becomes a nail-biting task without proper communication and lack of listening skills. Without proper delegation and attentive listening, it becomes difficult to comprehend.

The virtual escape room game allows you to control a live actor who is basically your avatar along with collaborating with other team members. You need to interact with your wit.

Moreover listening, communicating and processing thoughts go hand-in-hand. You gain the ability of quickly processing multiple thoughts and acting on them efficiently.

Thus, this interactive show helps to enhance proper communication skills unlike the traditional escape rooms where you are face-to-face.

4. Enhancing confidence, creativity and team-spirit: The main difference between a traditional and a virtual escape room is that you cannot split up.

As you’re all looking at the same puzzles at the same time, working together to solve them at the same time, having and building a strong team working capacity becomes a necessity.

Unlike traditional escape rooms which are properly organized and staggered, virtual escape rooms are different. Traditionally, you come with your family, friends and play in your comfort-zone.

But in virtual escape rooms, you sometimes play with strangers, which pushes you to be more creative and better at your strategies and team building capacity. As you interact with these wide variety of people, you quickly learn effective ways to communicate with them and also get your points across better.

This enables you to adapt to various environments consisting of vivid personalities, become comfortable in interacting with them, and bring the best out of each other. It increases the ability to achieve in the most diverse way possible and even with strangers.

Thus, it these rooms increases confidence in sharing your views in a non-intrusive manner within a multicultural environment.

5. Playing in your comfort zone : Undoubtedly, we all like a bit of escapism in our lives, relaxing on our couch rather than leaving these comforts and moving to an escape room.

Playing at home builds a sense of self-reliance which is generally not seen when you play together in a traditional escape room because although here you are together yet connected only through screen.

At your own comfortable place, your problem-solving ability increases which consecutively strengthens your position to win and builds confidence.

As a result of this you will gradually start playing better with a better probability of winning.

In times like these virtual escape rooms become an added feather to the cap as you can gain a real experience in the virtual world.

Every industry is turning into a virtual one. But, as mentioned earlier, they do build great skills and enhance your gaming to certain extent.

Ever wanted to step into the virtual world of a real-life game? Ever experienced translation of physically existing games on computer screens?

Virtual Escape rooms will give you these experiences!
Happy Gaming!

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