Strategies For Online Escape Rooms

With traditional (physical) escape rooms no longer an option, the next best things if you want an equally engaging experience, are online escape rooms. Online escape rooms are slowly starting to gain popularity given the state of the things right now, and the possibility of a full recovery from the ongoing pandemic seeming to be miles away.

Although the strategies used in traditional escape games are also mostly applicable to online escape games, there are a few extra things to keep in mind here, considering the fact that these games are played online.

We’d like to share with you a list of the top 5 strategies that ensure your online escape game experience is as smooth as possible, and increase your chances of survival as well.

1. Have a Leader

A team leader is even more important in online escape games, than in physical escape games. This is because coordination is extremely important in games like these.

Having a team leader who is in charge and responsible will ensure that some order is maintained among the team. By having the members follow certain rules for communicating, the leader will have time to take inputs from everyone before making a final call on things. Arguments and discrepancies will be removed as everyone has a head to report to in case of any trouble. It’s the leader’s responsibility to keep everyone engaged and motivated.

Team leader can also be changed during the game based on the decisions of the remaining members of the team. This will force the current leader to be more responsible and accountable to the entire team in order to not be changed later on.

2. Maintain Coordination among Team Members

In Online Escape Games, each team has a game master, who acts as their eyes and ears within the room. The game master can be thought of as a dummy player, present only to follow instructions and do nothing else. The members of the team see what the master sees through a live feed on their devices, and interact with the surroundings by giving instructions to their game master.

For this set-up to work, high coordination among team members is required. As there is only one real player that the entire team controls, the instructions given must be specific and on point. Any ambiguity in the instructions would result in time waste and nothing else.

As players have only 60 minutes to escape, they must coordinate by listening carefully to each other and analysing all possibilities before giving out instructions.

3. Maintain Optimal Internet Speeds

A really important factor before starting the game is making sure all of the members have a stable internet connection. As these games happen in real time, even a few seconds of a connection timeout can result in a loss for the team.

Although these games don’t require blazingly fast speeds, they do need pretty good speeds in order to function properly. So, make sure your entire team is all set before venturing out into those online worlds!

4. Keep Everyone Informed

Unlike in offline escape rooms where members are split and each group has their own set of puzzles, this is a team activity where all of the members are needed to be on the same page. Make sure no one is left in the cold when it comes to the progress of the game and everything is explained properly by the team leader.

5. Make Notes

During the game, have a member or two take notes on the happenings of the game. These notes can act as logs or checkpoints to your in-game progress and can be referred to later on when things start to pile up.

Writing down a list of puzzles to be solved and the workings out of previous challenges will also prove useful when you’re stuck at some point in the game. Note taking is a vital skill and it’s important to have in any team building activity such as an escape room.

Of course, you all need to be ready to win it. You don’t have much time, just 60 minutes to figure everything out and direct yourselves, and more importantly your game master, to victory. Keeping an eye on time, figuring out the best ways to communicate with the player in the room, and executing your choices have never been more important.

Performing all these activities skillfully is a task only the best of the teams can accomplish successfully.

There you go! The 5 best strategies to be followed to ensure your chances of winning are way up top. With these skills mastered, you really can’t go wrong with your gaming experience. As always, remember it’s all about having fun, so don’t get worked up too much.All the best, and enjoy your game!

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