Three Ways To Maximise Fun At Your Virtual Birthday Party

The pandemic has affected our plans, whether it be of work, vacations, birthdays or weddings. The days of unlimited freedom now look a little hazy and most probably, we as adults have understood the situation around us but children are the worst affected.

Children today wakes up only to remember that they can’t go to school, attend their classes, see their friends, go to the park or even celebrate special occasions which most importantly include their birthday.

They feels confused about the sudden change in their life and we need to do our best to make our children feel alright in the middle of all this chaos.

  • ‘When can I go out next?’
  • ‘How long till we go to my favourite park?’
  • ‘Can I please visit my friends today?’
  • ‘My birthday is approaching, can I invite my best-friends, I want to have a sleep-over, will I be able to cut my birthday cake?’
  • It is important to reassure our kids and, make them understand that even though life is short of normal at the moment, they can still do almost everything from the comfort of their homes. And that for a fact, all their birthday wishes will come true!

We as humans always find a way to turn things around, for good. We need to keep ourselves healthy and happy.

Those who are spending their birthdays this year will be forced to spend it stuck at home between four walls. The joy, happiness and fun that are expected from such an occasion are totally lost and the children are rendered miserable on their favourite day of the year. No child should be made to go through such an endeavour, and no parent made to witness without reacting.

No one should spend their birthday moping around at home. Everyone deserves a super fun celebration, even if it is virtually. And as parents, it’s your responsibility to provide an unforgettable experience on such an important occasion.

So with that in mind, let’s have a look at three super innovative ways to at your virtual birthday party.


Aren’t you bored of the same video calls you do with your friends and family almost every day now? Now imagine this – solving a crime from your home with your friends…what a way to save the day and emerge as a hero!

Adding a twist to those calls definitely makes more sense now. And your birthday seems like the perfect day to try something that guarantees loads of adventure and an unforgettable experience.

Try Virtual Escape games this birthday. The mission is to solve a crime or unravel a mystery with your group finding the clues. It will be like living a movie, but this time you control the direction, execution and final production!

All you require is a computer, a steady internet connection and the urge to be daring!

Even children who have been complaining about not being able to go out- can do so by playing virtual escape games. Their birthday is a perfect day to surprise them with this experience.

Kids just want to have fun with their friends on their birthday and doing so by letting them solve a virtual escape game together would be the best treat for their birthday.


No, not how we usually play it. We add a fun twist to this age-old game!

Finalize a list of movies that you want to be a part of the game, a week before your birthday. Then give all your family members/ friends one movie each.

And here’s the punch – they have to recreate that movie’s poster at home using props that they can find in their homes! Think of how funny those posters will look when they’re home-made. You can then compile them all the posters in a presentation and make your friends and family guess the movies on a video call.

Recreating the posters will be a great hit and completely hilarious.

Think of how your family members would recreate ‘Savage Raghda’ or ‘Haifa Street’ or ‘Paradise Now’.

You will be creating a treasure trove of memories with all the fun and laughter that is going to ensue.

Another way of playing it can be giving famous dialogues from the movies and asking them to be recreated. And then everyone would have to guess the movie which the dialogue is from, or the person who said it originally.

This game will definitely prove to be the highlight of your virtual birthday for years to come. You can always look back at the dialogues and posters now made even more legendary by your family and friends!

This game is very kid-friendly too. Just imagine your little ones dressed up as Batman or Barbie! Oh, these priceless moments will be so treasured by your children with them recreating ‘Frozen’, ‘Moana’, ‘Boss Baby’ etc.


If your friends and family live nearby, then celebrating while observing social distancing rules sounds like a good plan.

Steps to successfully organizing this surprise include contacting your family and friends, telling them the plan and ensuring that they are aware of all the social distancing norms. Since everyone will arrive by cars, you can schedule time with each person that is giving each car a time of ten minutes after which they leave and then the next car comes to your doorstep and so on.

Seeing your loved ones faces after virtually hanging out with them for so long, will surely be a pleasant welcome. And adding a birthday to that mix is definitely going to make the birthday kid feel loved and special.

This will definitely make their day extremely special.

Oh, and since you’ve stuck around, why don’t we treat you to a bonus idea?


Another fun idea for a kid’s birthday party is organising a scavenger hunt in the house because these little creatures have had to endure too many months without meeting their friends.

Birthdays are one thing that every child can’t wait to celebrate. The talk about their birthday plans start months before and their excitement grows over time until the day of their birthday when they can’t be more delighted to spend it with their friends, cutting cakes, eating candies and unwrapping gifts.

As this year, the little wonders can’t celebrate it the traditional way – we make an extra effort to switch it up for them. Make them believe that this birthday is unlike any yet.

By organising a scavenger hunt, the kids will keep busy most of the day. Adding fun twists like letting their friends recite the clues or act as consultants-virtually- in solving the hunt will involve their friends as well.

Children only need their friends at their birthday party and this seems the most fun way to involve their friends at your kid’s fiesta!

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