Want To Keep Your Cohorts Motivated?

The lockdown has had us down for quite some time. Each of us has been spending time with ourselves. Some of us had got breaks we did not know we needed, from people and even for a little time from our jobs.

However, we can all agree that this arrangement was fine for the first few weeks, but now, everyone just wants a little assurance. People have been swinging between being scared of the happenings in their surroundings to convincing themselves that everything is fine right now.
This includes our colleagues. What started as a vacation like time has turned into an oppressive environment. So, what can we do?
Since, we can’t help everyone around us, let us concentrate on motivating and keeping a sense of togetherness at least in the people we work with. So, look ahead for the ways of entertainment and relaxation.

1. Online Scavenger Hunt

This idea will not only keep your co-workers motivated, but will have them in stitches.

Online scavenger hunts add a fun twist to the traditional idea in the form of technology, . So what makes them even more enjoyable?

It is the factor of the unknown. Or not knowing.

When playing this game in real life, you often cross paths with the people you’re competing against, and have playful banter. In an online scenario though, there is no chance of such physical interactions with your opponents. This makes you race even fasterif you have even a single competitive bone in your body.

Also, play it with a twist if you want. Don’t just give out weird things to find, but wrap them up in riddles and see what ensues.

So all your family can see? A grownup running from here to there to find god knows what!

2. Pictionary

Not a lot of us are keen on showing our drawing skills in public. Yet, when it comes to Pictionary we never back down. And now you can play it while being apart too!

Even when we play in person this game gives us a competitive spirit. So, why should it be different now?

The beauty of Pictionary though lies in the fact that it is never about your drawings. You could be the best artist there is, but if your mind works on a different tangent than your teammates… Well, sorry to say, you are going down.

For some, they only need to draw two lines to make the other person realise what they are onto. For others they will complete half of the drawing before someone catches on.

So, which category do you fall into? Go play and check it out!

3. Online Trivia

It’s trivia time.

A lot of people try to deny it, but trivia is something that tickles everyone’s fancy. It is not just a chance to see how much you know, but also how more you know than others. Let’s be honest we all enjoy those moments.

The epic part about trivia though is it can be tailored.

Don’t want to talk about the world? Fine, let’s do a country or city trivia. Don’t even want to do that? Fine, then let’s see how well you know your friends.

Especially with a topic so close to home, you will find answers hilarious if answered wrong.

What better way to keep you cohorts together and motivated than playing a game tailor-made for them?

4. Take a Tour

Now, this might not be in the same class as some of the other activities to do together, but don’t dismiss it yet. This idea though, would work well with a smaller group of people.

Ever wanted to go somewhere and have not had the time? Or money? Or even the right group?

Well this is your chance to rectify all that. With this new feature of the new-age internet, nothing is too far. Virtual tours can take you almost anywhere in the world and maybe let you get closer to things than you ever would have.

Find the colleagues that have had similar inclinations, but have not been to achieve this. And conquer the world!

5. Virtual Escape Games

Another game that will get you and your associates mind running are the virtual escape games. Built around the concept of real-life escape room games, but keeping the social distancing policy in mind. These games give you the best of both scenarios.

These games can be played over zoom calls or maybe a similar app, and will have you working together like even your boss couldn’t.

Running against time is never easy, but it becomes even harder to coordinate when you are not together. The importance of good communication will never be so evident!

You can find these games anywhere online in today’s date. These places are in great demand right now, and you would not want to miss your chance to see how well you and your cohorts play together.

Go book now!

We know that this scenario is not the best to deal with. However, you work with what you have. And what better time to get to know your coworkers better than now?

These activities are good for several things. They let you bond with your cohorts, know them better and keep them firmly grounded.

Stay in. Have fun! Also tell us any new activities you learn about!

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